A beautyfull hawk flying high into the sky. It was a very sunny day at Palmitos Parks  hawk free flight show. Mostly blue sky just some clouds. Perfect for taking hawk pictures. I have no realy tele lens just my Nikon 70-700, my universal weapon 🙂 So with this lens its hard do take some hawk pictures in real wildlife. I hope to get a 150-600 or 200-500 some day, till then I have to go to bird shows like this for taking hawk or birds in flight pictures. The Palmitos Park is a nice little zoo in the south of Cran Canaria. They have a lot of free flight raptors in ther free flight show, such as Eagles, Marabous, Hawks, and a show with exotic birds. I can also recomend the big butterfly house. The rest is zoo standard. Some meerkats, turles, apes, a botanic garden, the usual zoo stuff 🙂 But the birdshow impressed me very much. Its not only the birds, its the the whole surrounding thats impressive. Not build in the middle of a city, like most of the zoos, the Palmitos Park is build deep into a canyon, it gives a nice atmosphere tho the whole setting.

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