Tailed Jay

This is not a typical christmas posting. I have no girl with a sexy christmas dress for this year, or a spanking santa. This year its a butterfly called the Tailed Jay (Graphium Agamemnon). I have to admit that I have no idear about butterflys. I am just into pictures and I have never done butterfly pictures before. I googled the name, before I wrote the posting 🙂 This tailed jay lives in a huge butterfly house in Gran Canaria. I was there with my Sigma 150mm macro and a monopod. I actually came for the birds, not for the butterflys and it was my first time in an butterfly house. First I watched the russian tourists there who tries to catch some butterflys with there iPads and iPhones, but only got unsharp pictures 🙂 Well, thats the benefit of an camera with a fast lens and a high ISO range .-)

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