Wetterwechsel und Sonnenuntergang am Playa Jardin. Dem großen Strand von Puerto de la Cruz

Sonnenuntergang am Playa Jardin

Sonnenuntergänge und Wetterwechsel am Playa Jardin. Der Playa Jardin ist ein vom kanarischen Star Architekten César Manrique gestalteter Strand in Puerto de la Cruz auf…

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The Guajara mountain

Guajara Mountain a part of the caldera Las Canadas

Mostly the Guajara mountain stands in the shaddow of the Pico del Teide. thats sad, because the Guajara is allways a visit worth. There is…

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The La Orotava Vale with Pico del Teide in the Background

La Orotava Weather View

At a high level of 1000 meters you have good view over the Orotava vale with his coniferous forest, the clouds coming from the atlantic…

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The Caldera Las Canadas

The Caldera Las Cañadas

The Caldera ( „A caldera is a cauldron-like volcanic feature usually formed by the collapse of land following a volcanic eruption. They are sometimes confused…

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Pico del Teide

Best view for the Pico del Teide

If you want to have one of the best views for the Pico del teide, don`t go up to the Teide, climp up to the…

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